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West African Heat

First off, apologies for being so quiet recently, but a recent move has kept me away from the decks and GTA4 has kept me from doing anything remotely constructive for the last month or so 😉 Anyway, this is a belated audio companion to my earlier post on the recent series of excellent compilations on…

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I’d buy that for a dollar…

So I’ve been a bit quiet of late, mainly because I’ve not had much work and consequently have been pretty poor, which has meant that I haven’t really bought any vinyl for a while. I’ve still been nosing round charity shops however, mostly coming away empty-handed, but today my luck changed… I was in one…

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20 Years Later

In an interesting parallel to Theo’s comments, my wife sent me this link just now. I for one cannot believe it has been 20 years. The really depressing part is to think of how far black musical artists came in the 20 years preceding that album which surely has to be a pinnacle of political…

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Guest Mix: Scott Ferguson #2

Scott came through with one of the more eclectic and odd mixes we have had here at ISM for his first guest mix, so you know he had to come even crazier for the second one. And he did. What I find interesting about this one is that he manages to take a bunch of…

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