Another Round with Omar-S

It was about a year and a half ago when we kicked this blog off with an exclusive interview with Omar-S. At that time, he was blowing up the underground left and right. Our interview with him was the first one out there, and I think any readership that we got initially can be traced to the popularity of that interview. We STILL get tons of hits from links to that post. Just a few months after we ran that interview, he put out “Psychotic Photosynthesis” and suddenly people started paying more attention on a wider scale.

Now, he has mixed the upcoming Fabric 45 CD, he has a 12″ that just dropped on Sound Signature, and his deejaying is in even more demand. I got a chance to talk with him on the record again, this time for Resident Advisor. We discussed the breakouts of some of the artists who got their start through FXHE, outsider perceptions of Detroit, Dam Funk, and all sorts of other stuff. Check it out!


  1. jitterbug says:

    nice work once again… truly a man not afraid to speak his mind. the new 12″ on SS sounds the business… been waiting for a trackier effort from him for a while. proper raw machine funk.

  2. j.fine says:

    gooooood shit tom! thanks for another round with AOS.

  3. kuri says:

    great interview Tom. really generating some heat over there on RA too. way to stir the pot 😉

  4. leo says:

    you call oasis a collaborative effort in this new article. are you being tongue-in-cheek or not? who is shadow ray?

  5. pipecock says:

    haha, i have no idea, man. i wish he would tell me! i’m just going by what it says on the labels since he is still keeping mum about whatever is happening with that.

  6. BA says:

    He’s such a bad-ass DJ. I like his records a lot, but I wish the Fabric mix was more like one of his FYA mixes. That Dam Funk shit is funny too.

  7. gmos says:

    can’t fucking believe some pricks are giving him shit over his “bad language”, bunch of fucking shit-cunts!

    good interview though 😉

  8. jonny5 says:

    interesting reading. the willalobo stuff was pretty funny too.

  9. jonny5 says:

    also, love his FYA mixes (especially #1) – doubt i’ll be buying the fabric mix though..

  10. Dean says:

    Yea i had to laugh at that

  11. j.fine says:

    dude that shit fucking floored me.

  12. pipecock says:

    yeah i imagine dam funk looking at his myspace profile and being like “fuck this guy.” hilarious.

  13. Dean says:

    I love how he said “he did me like i do everybody else”
    Omar S – “I aint know who that willalobo guy is”
    Dam Funk – “I aint know know Omar S punk”


  14. ShaolinSoul says:

    oh god Dam Funk is something else! Just discovered him.

  15. matador says:

    totally agree with all the comments too. Dam Funk is sick. and its funny how artists jock each other like that, imo. but at least he’s givin props.

    i saw him at the NYC show he spoke of. good stuff. he was the only shining light of the whole night. Jus-Ed was there too chillin by the booth with a big smile on his face just like he was listening to some good chunes.

    it pains me to think he’s got so much stuff unreleased just waiting to be unleashed. can’t wait to peep that on FXHE.

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