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Big Tings A Gwan

As I have noted here before, school has been killing me for the last month. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be graduating in just under two weeks which means I will finally have time to getting around to all the ISM things I have had in the works. In the meantime, I have only a few assignments, papers, and exams to get through! To say that I am excited would be an understatement. It’s been a looooooooong four years, I won’t be missing school very much.

Also in the works is the first EP on my new label which is being sent out to be mastered this week. I think it will be fun to kind of blog about the step by step process of making a vinyl record from the very beginning, so that’s how it’s gonna go. And it makes sense to do it that way since I met the artist who did the music for the record through ISM. More info will be forthcoming on this one later this week when things really start to get rolling.

In what little free time I’ve had, I have been buying some great records both new and old. Recapping the most important of these will be one of my first posts once school is done! Tomorrow, look for a post with not one but TWO mixes from the Ferris Park family, one by Scott Ferguson and one from Mr. Keith Kemp. Those have been in the pipeline for a minute, sorry for the delays guys! Next Monday will see a post containing the newest mix from Juju & Jordash (who also have some new music about to drop! keep your eyes on this space for more info on that….) which is sounding pretty fucking dope indeed. Hopefully that will be enough content from me to get through the next two weeks! All the other ISM writers have been doing a damn fine job in my absence, big ups to all those cats. Our readership would probably be nonexistent by now if it weren’t for their hard work.


  1. meschi says:

    hey dude, good luck with your exams. Ive been ridiculously busy with my work just now aswell, so I feel your pain, shame mine doesnt finish in 2 weeks.

  2. Chris O says:

    Congrats on getting done with school man!

  3. DH says:

    Im in a similar position, except that I’ve got a spring semester in central Europe right away.

    “I think it will be fun to kind of blog about the step by step process of making a vinyl record from the very beginning, so that’s how it’s gonna go.”- I like this idea.

  4. ShaolinSoul says:

    Im almost half way through my degree, and it only gets worse from here on out…. 🙁

    But dope music gets through all that shit. 🙂

  5. pipecock says:

    yeah, the last 2 years of my EE classes have been insane. i only thought it sucked before that. in a way, it was also more fun. but the overall dread it gives me is awful.

  6. pipecock says:

    i can’t even think about work yet.

  7. pipecock says:

    yeah, hopefully it will be informative and even more importantly i want it to inspire people to do it themselves!

  8. kuri says:

    good luck finishing up with school. I still have nightmares of me being in my last semester and having a failing grade in some college math class I barely made it through in reality.

    do keep us posted on the label. very excited to hear about it.

  9. gmos says:

    hey, got off teh intrenets, and get back to your work beeeatch, we’ve got it locked down here! 😉

  10. ShaolinSoul says:

    really? Im in Engineering also (Environmental Engineering) and all the classes are really hairy noodly shit. Maybe I should do Art apprecitation instead lol…

  11. ShaolinSoul says:

    New Juju – jordash !

    cheep cheep!

  12. jonny5 says:

    the new j&j record is a killer.

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