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Guest Mix: Juju & Jordash – Don’t Shave the Children

Juju and Jordash are on quite a hot streak right now. First off, their recent white label release on the new Dekmantel label is number one on Rush Hour’s House Sales Chart this week, and for good reason: it’s a bad as hell 12″. “Blue Meanies” is more of a straightforward dancefloor banger than you might usually expect from JJ&J, but still maintains their abstract atmospheres. The remix of Lerosa’s “Ruski” (originally from his first 12″ on Real Soon) is straight up bananas, especially when the dubbed out drum break leads into the string section madness. “Uncle Moon” closes things out on the grimey ambient tip. Word is that a full album is on it’s way soon as well! That should be most excellent, I can’t wait.

Our boys in Amsterdam also dropped a mix recently on the site mixmag.info out of Russia. Typical of their eclectic style, they drop all sorts of things from classic West End disco to the deepest of techno. Another excellent mix that I must reccomend highly. It’s good to see them taking their sound all over the world!

For this new mix for us here at ISM, they do it on the abstract tip. Slow, tripped out house, disco, and soul music combine to create a dense atmosphere that is perfect for the record high temperatures we’ve been having this past weekend in Pittsburgh. This mix, like their last one for us, will be being banged out at my residence and in my ride all summer long. What else can be said about these cats aside from the fact that they are obviously at the top of their game right now?!?!?!1?!eleven?!

Download the mix here. Tracklist will be put up when they give it to us!


  1. gmos says:

    that mixmag mix is sweet, was listening to it over the weekend, looking forward to checking this one too

    boys are on fire right now

  2. Erik says:

    omg tracklisting plz.
    whats the first one? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. jordash says:

    thanks guys (and Tom!!!)

    here is an almost complete playlist…. (away from my records at the moment):

    Idris Muhammad — fox huntin’
    E.U. — Computer Funk Intrumental
    Screamin’ Tony Baxter — Get Up Offa That Thing
    202 Machine — Get Up (Rock Your Body)
    Omar – S
    Art of Noise – Donna
    Art of Noise – Donna
    some new beat remix — can’t remember right now
    some british techno classic — early 90s — can’t remember name right now
    Newworldaquarium — Affenwelt
    Chris & Cosey — Cowboys in Cuba
    Juju & Jordash — Blue Plates
    Nacho Patrol — Twinotters
    Theo Parrish — Love Triumphant
    CARLOS NINO & FRIENDS — Lonely Joined by Happy
    The Intruders — Save the Children
    Pat Metheny — forgot the name…

  4. jonny5 says:

    great, will be on the download later.

  5. fseq says:

    do you have a tracklisting for the russian one too by any chance?

  6. jordash says:

    here is the tracklist for the mix on the russian site:

    RA.H – spacepops – (MORPHINE RECORDS)
    Lovechild – Sweet Ambience (ambient mix)
    Orgue Electronique – On A String (clone)
    dubbyman – Equinox (Minuendo)
    Ghost note – Holy jungle (golf channel)
    Christian Trueter – earth people (juju music)
    Newworldaquarium (from the dead bears album)
    raw silk – just in time and space (dub)
    strikers – body music (instr)
    Salsoul orchestra – You’re Just the right size
    rocco – one passionate night (sultra)
    forgot the name/artist …damn!
    forgot name etc,,, damn! damn! (its on the tip of my tongue…help me out here please!)
    Forgot name etc…. damn!
    Keith Worthy – Atlantis (The Beatstrumental)
    Juju & Jordash – Uncle moon – dekmantel

  7. padro1982 says:

    the ‘british techno classic’ is In Sync – Storm on Irdial. ๐Ÿ™‚

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