Infinitestateradio 0012

This month we have a guest selector, Tom Cox playing some killer tracks for the fist 1.5 hours followed by a selection of funk, afro and exotic sounds by myself.


Stream: here

Download: here

Here’s the tracklist for the first 1.5 hours, I’ll update later with the other 1.5 hrs.

Shaolin Master Killer intro
Oregon – Song Of The Marrow
Azymuth – 500 Miles High

Tom Cox mix….
Waajeed “Riding High” Atlantic 12″
The Jeff Lorber Fusion “Soft Space” Inner City LP
Tribe “Son Of Tribe” Community Projects LP
Stacey Epps “Addicted” Jakarta LP
Erykah Badu “20 Feet Tall” Motown LP
Carlos Nino “Lonely Joined By Happy” Kindred Spirits LP
Herbie Hancock “You’ll Know When You Get There” Warner Bros. LP
Jose James “Detroit Loveletter” Brownswood EP
The Ramsey Lewis Trio “Uhuru” Cadet LP
Billy Love “U Bring Me Up” Sound Signature LP
Lil’ Louis & the World “6 A.M.” Epic LP
Kyle Hall “I’m KMFH Girl!” Wild Oats 12″
Dr. Alimantado & The Rebels “Skanking in the Park” Greensleeves 12″
Mi Ami “Ark of the Covenant (Dub Mix)” Lover’s Rock 12″
Ike Yard “Motiv” Les Disques Du Crepuscule EP
Tortoise “Gigantes (Mark Ernestus Version)” Thrill Jockey 12″
Thom Yorke “Atoms For Peace” XL LP
Garo “Nightlife Reconsidered” Moment Sound LP
James Pants “Chip In The Hand” Stone’s Throw 7″


  1. frank says:

    tom cox, a guest on his own blog.

  2. c6h12o6 says:

    shit. i’m going to pretend that track list is my belated birthday present!

  3. pipecock says:

    we’ve been hanging out too much, your taste has seeped into me and my taste into you!

  4. Wes says:

    Sweet tracklisting, especially pleased to see the Jeff Lorber Fusion getting some exposure. Released so many great albums in his formative days.

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