DEMF 2010: ISM Style

You know the Pittsburgh crew rolls DEEP for DEMF, so keep a lookout for anyone sporting Pirates hats or Penguins and Steelers gear, that’s probably someone in my crew! I think you can mostly guess which artists I will be checking out at the festival itself, barring of course the possibility of sound in the underground being so atrocious that I refuse to go down there (like it was last year). If you see me, give me a holler! If you’re my friend on Facebook, you can find my phone number on there and hit me with a text message. Also, I will be checking Twitter on my phone a bunch over the weekend, you can find me on there here.

As for the afterparties, these are the official Pipecock DEMF picks:

+ Pre-D.E.M.F.Record Release party
@ Bert’s Market Place (2727 Russell St.) $15 8pm-4am
Wbeeza (live)
Theo Parrish
Rick Wilhite
DJ Masahiko Uchikawa
Glenn Underground
Boo Williams
Marc Duncan

+ Ndatl & Sound Signature present Deep Detroit
@ 1515 Broadway $20/10pm-6am
Theo Parrish
Larry Heard
Kai Alce

+ Soul Skate 2010
@ Northland Roller Skating Center (22311 W. 8 Mile Road, Detroit) $15/11pm-4am
et al.
(And free soul food!)

+ @ TV Lounge (2548 Grand River Ave) 11pm-4am
DJ Harvey

Having attended Rick Wilhite’s Friday night party last year, Kai’s Music Institute party last year, every Soul Skate so far, and DJ Harvey when he rocked Oslo in ’06, I can safely say that all of these are guaranteed serious business. There’s plenty of other good shit out there, but these all stand out in my eyes. Check Little White Earbuds’ list of DEMF 2010 afterparties (this is where I jacked uh, “sampled” my info from!)

I’ll see you all in the D!


  1. Steve says:

    Glad to see our guide was useful for the basis of your own.

  2. pipecock says:

    haha, didn’t even think to credit that! my bad, editing it now 😉

  3. gmos says:

    yo, those after parties look sick, I wouldn’t even need the festival with all that shit on! have fun!

  4. bernardo says:

    After-parties this year look ridiculously good! Only doubt was on Friday b/c I wanted to catch Omar-S and he’s on at the Beretta party… May try and hit up both although it will be tough!

  5. DEMF 2010: ISM Style – Blowing Up Your Spot…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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