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A Chat With Rick Wilhite

We’ve been pretty slack on the interview front here at ISM for quite some time. Don’t think for a second that this post is a sign of us picking up the pace either as none of us had anything to do with it! My man in Tokyo, Andrew Hogan, recently caught up with Rick Wilhite and sat down for an informal chat with him when he was touring over there. He has very kindly given us the interview which we be delivering to you in audio format. Yup, I couldn’t have been arsed transcribing it, but Andrew has edited it for us a little bit – mainly because I believe Rick is a very laid back chap, so this speeds it up a bit, though not much đŸ˜‰

RIck came in for a bit of criticism for his interview on RA last year with some unimpressed by his old school stance on djing/producing and vinyl with some fools seeing him as a bit too negative and bitter, but there is no sign of that here, where he comes across as a softly spoken, polite dude talking about his history, his productions, and quite fitting for this time of year, the direction the DEMF has taken since it’s inception.

Many thanks to Drew for this exclusive and also thanks to Erica Grainger for the photo from his Tokyo gig.

Grab it here.


  1. niconic says:

    whoa i waant to hear these moodymann and rick wilhite hip hop tracks

  2. MRtwon says:

    one time back in 04 my friends and i drove up to Pontiac from Pittsburgh to catch the 3 chairs. I bumped into Rick in the audience and introduced myself and showed some love. Latr on while playing records he jumped down off the stage and pointed me out of the crowd and handed me his copy of the new 3 chairs lp he had just played. WIll never forget that.

  3. pipecock says:

    Rick is one of the coolest cats in the game.

  4. pissflaps says:

    Nice to hear Christy Moore on the interview duties!


  6. lerosa says:

    went to check that RA interview, really good too…yea too bad about the retarded comments, you start slagging laptops and serato and all these little girls start getting insecure and defensive…will check the ISM interview…

  7. graham says:

    top job, great interview guys, Blame it on the boogie just kills it, super track.

  8. James Duncan says:

    Rick is the best – during the 2001 DEMF I was catching his set in the afternoon (at which stage I cant recall right now)

    KDJ was standing right beside me and while I didnt want to bother him, I had to say hello, say I was a big fan etc- Rick killed it all afternoon – one of the best sets I’ve ever seen – listening now – thanks for posting guys

  9. zucchini says:

    Wanna see rick in Dublin

  10. nicokeane says:

    one cool cat is rick

  11. higgans says:

    fo sure

  12. […] Mann. Das beweist der Detroiter House- und Plattenladen-Veteran einmal mehr in dem Interview, das Infinitestatemachine geposted haben, und in dem er im freundlichen Plauderton Ă¼ber seine musikalische Sozialisation, […]

  13. zucchini says:

    Wow Rick is playin with andres and kdj in Amsterdam for Rush Hour, if only Dublin had events like this…. Yet Kyle hall is booked again here(great producer shit dj)

  14. cjs says:

    the best


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