Bezier – Mina

Bezier, or as he’s known on the streets and in the sheets, Robert Yang, is responsible for some of my favorite dance music of the recent past. Using sounds and rhythmic structures that are influenced by Hi-NRG history, he twists and upends the genre to great success with productions that I’m always impressed by.

I wanted to write about the track Mina coming out on the HNYTRX label as I’ve been playing it for the last few weeks in the studio while working and have been really enjoying it a lot. It all begins in s swirl of synths, banjo-like electronic pulses and a tough and prominent bass line that confidently establishes the track early on as a Bezier production. Drums hit hard on this one, with a number of percussive instruments playing a feature role at various points in the eight minute track. Bezier creates, in Mina, a landscape for a world I’d like to inhabit. It’s all fast cars, leather, neon, muscle and haze at the edge of a decaying metropolis in my mind. This is a reading perhaps not helped by my being in the midst of  Dhalgren, the amazing science fiction novel by Samuel Delany.

At around the half-way mark this track begins to move into new directions following a short rhythmic interlude. Elements and sounds become spaced out and trippy with delayed higher frequency pulses slipping over one another as a synth jams on the top, showing the human hand fully at work. As with all of his releases the production quality on this is really tight.

Bezier’s Mina comes out on the revived and refreshed Honey Soundsystem record label HNYTRX later this month. He’s also got an EP on the Dark Entries entitled Telomeres that came out in July. It’s another release full of gems that I’d highly recommend.

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