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Laica – Tppr

Laica has been someone I’ve followed and supported for awhile, he puts out a diverse range of experimental and ambient electronic music often incorporating field recordings. His work often features expansive, beautiful ambient music and textures, underpinned, at times, by rhythmic passages. Laica has been prolific this past year, however, the release I wanted to…

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The Emperor’s New Sex Toy

2015 was a curious year for me. As someone who has always deeply appreciated esoteric, experimental and off-kilter electronic music, especially electronic music with a theoretical or conceptual framework which it works within, 2015 would have seemed to be an ideal year for me. However, something was off. That something, if we’re being frank, was…

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Jorge Velez – MMT8 Archives 2

Jorge Velez has quietly been posting up both new music and (in the case of the MMT8 releases) archival music through a label he runs called TEMPLO over on bandcamp. With so much reissuing going on these days, reissues that are often quite expensive, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see someone tapping the past…

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SEAGRAVE Records: Various – Savage Re (SR011)

SEAGRAVE Records out of the UK is a label that came to my attention after they released an excellent Best Available Technology/Ovis Aurum split cassette EP entitled Mar Reflection in the fall of last year. As time has passed they’ve continued to put out really great experimental electronic music, often not getting the attention I…

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What’s in a Number?

So far in 2015 Resident Advisor has reviewed 570 releases they categorize as “Singles.” As a part of their review system for music, RA employs a rating scale of 0.0 to 5.0 in increments of 0.1. This degree of increment is much higher from their previous rating system. This was something they announced to a…

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Bezier – Mina

Bezier, or as he’s known on the streets and in the sheets, Robert Yang, is responsible for some of my favorite dance music of the recent past. Using sounds and rhythmic structures that are influenced by Hi-NRG history, he twists and upends the genre to great success with productions that I’m always impressed by. I…

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