Laica – Tppr

Laica has been someone I’ve followed and supported for awhile, he puts out a diverse range of experimental and ambient electronic music often incorporating field recordings. His work often features expansive, beautiful ambient music and textures, underpinned, at times, by rhythmic passages.

Laica has been prolific this past year, however, the release I wanted to give some attention to was released about a month ago on the Arell label and is titled, Tppr. Tppr is a single track, it is thirty-five minutes in length and available as a digital download. It’s absurdly reasonable in price and while I know you all bought me gorgeous things for the holidays you can still pick up a copy for the price of a coffee. Tppr is a curious thing. Based on a short loop that was sent by Laica to seventeen other musicians, they then in turn reimagined the original sample before returning it to Laica who then created the final composition.

While technically one long track, it is broken up into movements that explore different sonic textures, sounds and spaces with finesse and control. Passages unfold, shimmer, breathe and expand with care and while nothing is in a hurry, it also doesn’t feel static. The amount of complexity and nuance brought out from this one sample is really a thing of beauty and should prove the point that much can be had from very little. So sink into it and enjoy. It’s the perfect low key end to the year.

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