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The Instigator

I mentioned Trevor Combee as one of the inspirations for my recent “Now THAT’S What I Call Techno” mix, but really he is as responsible for the music i listen to now as anyone else. Trevor owned and operated HyperVinyl Records in Pittsburgh starting back in 1997 and later started the label of the same…

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Los Cabrones Del Discomixx

I thought I’d resurect this mix I did way back at the start of the year. It was fun to make and it’s probably one of my favourites I made this year. It’s one of the first I made after coming back from 8 months working in Brownsville, Texas – it was such a relief…

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A Bunch of Good Sh*t

In the continuing tradition of trying to post some things while being hectic with holidays and the end of the school semester, I have a few reccomendations for various media that have helped me keep my wits about me…. First up is a nice deephouse mix by the man like Rick Hopkins, one of the…

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The Techno-logical Divide

Two of techno’s biggest icons are currently featured in a couple high profile magazines, and the differences between them highlight a divide that occured in techno music that seems to be more relevent now than ever before.

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Our Current State

So, it has been a hot minute since our last post. It is that time of year when school gets insane in the run up to finals and it is killing me yet again. For fun, the lab report that my lab partner and I had spent at least 15 hours on over the last…

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