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DFA – WTF?!?!?!

I can remember the first time I heard a record on DFA. It was Morgan Geist’s remix of The Rapture’s “House Of Jealous Lovers”. My man Jwan played it for me at his house all the way back in 2002 when it dropped, and I was feeling it because Morgan is generally the man. So…

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A Better Definition Of Soul Music

There is a popular misconception that soulful dance music has to include Rhodes keys, vocals, jazz saxophone samples, etc. This is not really what it is all about, it is about personal expression. Thomas Brinkmann has always been a supporter of good music (I remember seeing him talking about Moodymann in a guest review in…

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MP3 Blogs

Our homie Steve over at Little White Earbuds dropped a nice story on RA about the effect of MP3 blogs. As you can see from our links section, we link to quite a few MP3 blogs. The main difference in what I look for in an MP3 blog is that they are putting up old,…

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When I first heard Waajeed’s music years ago, I liked what he was doing but at the same time I felt like he was something of a J Dilla knock-off. They were boys, so that didn’t necessarily bother me. Then my man Selecta dropped his remix of Troubleman’s “Without You” (which featured on my recent…

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What’s going on?

I’m feeling quite far removed from what is going on in House and Techno at the moment. All of my recent, admittedly limited, buying has been on the leftfield of Disco and there hasn’t been a huge amount of House or Techno that has really excited me for a good while. One of the big…

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