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Rick Wade

When I first started really getting into deep house, there were a few names that were as good as gold for me: Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Morgan Geist, and Rick Wade. While the rest of those guys have all achieved a pretty large amount of fame, Rick Wade has remained something of a secret amongst deep…

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Spring State

Finally the spring semester is over! Only one more year of this school nonsense, then I too can join the great American workforce. Or something. Now, it’s time for some spring cleaning! First things first, we have a couple changes here at ISM that should make things slightly better for everyone. The most immediately useful…

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Dutch Gold

Delsin is a label synonymous with quality. ISM got head honcho Marsel van der Wielen to have a quick chat about a label that is now an institution. Dutch Gold, baby.  

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Out of This World

Seems like we’re pretty productive over here at the moment. Logged on to post some music up and looks like I’ve been beaten to it by a (pretty impressive-looking) mix by gmos, which I have on the download now. So many heavy tracks on there – the Virgo LP, ‘Give It Up For Love’ by…

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Dance Dance Dance (disco-house mix)

Here’s something for the weekend, maybe get you in the mood for going out on the town or even winding down afterwards. It’s pretty eclectic, as usual, and I had no theme for this mix aside from having fun playing some favourites along with newer cuts. However, considering we don’t post mp3’s here, I did…

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Buying Records in the 313

I love going to Detroit, there’s so many good people and places it’s impossible to get to see them all. I did manage to sneak in a quick record buying binge on Saturday afternoon, though, and these are some of the people and places I saw on my hunt…….. The first thing I do as…

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