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Just a little bit more Omar…

Bodytonic’s latest podcast is a little 30min mix from Mr Smith. There isn’t a whole lot of mixes on line from him, so it’s a nice little precursor to his upcoming Fabric mix. You can get it here

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Some Chi-house Booty

Just a couple of exciting things for people to look out for in terms of classic Chicago house. First up a new Let’s Pet Puppies release is on the way, this time it’s a reissue of the silly rare Jody “Fingers” Finch Jack Your Big Booty from 1986. Lovingly remastered and pressed on heavy vinyl…

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More on Omar-S

The recent Omar-S interview I did for RA kicked up a good bit of dirt all over the interwebs dance discussion areas. The comments on the interview itself are pretty widely varied, with plenty of the kind of moronic reaction you would expect from people who can’t stand to hear something that comes from outside…

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A Bunch of New Records

I’ve been a bit quiet around here recently due to school actually requiring me to WRITE this semester (is it insane to miss EE classes?!?!!) combined with the quick turnaround on the Omar-S interview that just got me kind of sick of writing for a bit. But that didn’t stop me from buying a ridiculous…

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techno as composition-the antidote to the “soul-less” charge

Aside from the question of aesthetics and personal preference, few casual listeners realize that techno, unlike its more straightforward verse-chorus-verse-structured musical peers, does not rely on a recording of a performance, but on a recording of sound directly from the sheets of musical notation, as MIDI data performs the function of sheet music, in the…

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Intergalactic FM – On All Frequencies!

I’ll be off to this at the weekend and can’t wait. I’ll also be playing some disco classix on the Saturday night. Recommend you come and check it if you’re in the area, having been to two of the CBS partys – they are always serious funtimes.


A couple of things…

Just a couple of things that might be of some interest to ISM folk out there…first up Global Darkness are celebrating ten years with a party in Amsterdam on the 21st of March, featuring a mouthwatering line up of Dutch electro; Rude 66, TLR, Orgue Electronic, Legowelt and a host of others. Due to BLOC…

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Another Round with Omar-S

It was about a year and a half ago when we kicked this blog off with an exclusive interview with Omar-S. At that time, he was blowing up the underground left and right. Our interview with him was the first one out there, and I think any readership that we got initially can be traced…

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