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New Records

Just a run down of some records I’ve picked up recently that have been doing it in my earhole, new releases, reissues and older finds. First off there’s the latest Moodymann mini-album, Anotha Black Sunday, once again released under the Moody alias. It’s not as experimental as Det.Riot 67, but is a better album overall…

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Interview: Speculator

Interview by Lina Goldberg, Photo by Paul Langlade William Burnett is a man of many names in the electronic music world. Speculator, for his eclectic weekly show “Short Bus Radio” on New York’s East Village radio. And there’s Smackulator for his ghetto house-inspired creations with Legowelt, who he also makes short films with. He’s released solo…

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The Good, The Bad and The BLOC

Now that the dust has settled, the weird nightmares have subsided, apologies have been handed out and my eating habits are back to normal it’s time for a few words on what has become in just over a year and 2 parties, my favourite weekend of the year. The title was a dead give away,…

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Local pride

Just a few words on my opinion of what’s going on in Ireland at the moment. I had intended on writing something like this for a while now, but I guess, given it was Paddy’s Day this week, that now is an appropriate time to post it. Things seem to be quite healthy regarding Irish…

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Interview: David Vunk, Moustache Records

David Vunk’s Moustache Records has only been running since 2007 but in it’s short life has clocked up some stellar releases featuring the talents of producers such as Alden Tyrell and Sneak Thief with the influential collector Flemming Dalum and legendary Italo Disco singer Fred Ventura also appearing. David has been around for a little…

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