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My Take On DEMF ’09

Detroit as seen from Belle Isle DEMF weekend is such a crazy time that writing about it is really becoming almost impossible. Every year it seems like more and more of my time is consumed to the point that I can’t even remember what the hell I spent the weekend doing. I’m not the kind…

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Radio: Heart2Heart

I’m delighted to let you know about the airing of my first show, Heart2Heart, tomorrow at 2100 CET. For my international audience: that’s 8pm in London/Dublin, 3pm in New York and 12 noon in California. The official announcement below: Intergalactic FM is pleased to announce the dawn of a new age on CBS radio. Heart2Heart,…

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Love Don’t Pay the Rent

Sometimes it can be easy for us to forget that the musicians and DJs that we see in clubs are real humanoids with normal, everyday lives. All we see are the parts of their lives that revolve around music. And it’s always interesting to find out that these musicians, who can seem like celebrities when…

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A couple of things

What with the imminent arrival of Tom’s new label it’s also good to hear that he’s not the only one out there applying a DIY aesthetic to putting out new wax. Featured recently on this here site; William Burnett aka Speculator has also recently launched a new label which he is selling directly to the…

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Making A Record

The Pressing Plant

My label’s first release is finishing its own tour of house and techno’s birthplaces (mastering just outside Chicago at Prairie Cat, plating just outside NYC at Mastercraft) at Archer Record Pressing in Detroit. The plates were shipped to Archer, who then attatch them to the press. These plates act as stampers. A chunk of vinyl…

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I’ve been invited to do a Drexciya special on my man Nik’s weekly radio show Box Deluxe here in Dublin this Saturday evening. If you’re in the locale you can tune in at 99.5 on your FM dial or go to the website and stream from 6.30-8.00pm Irish time. For those who know…… Update: thanks…

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Dream Machine on Saturday..

For the next Dream Machine we have Casionova DJ of Magic Waves internet radio and also of Cyber Dance records fame. Casionova is also organizing the Magic Waves two day festival which looks set to be the party of the summer! Joining him will be the Dream Machine residents playing deep disco, tearjerk italo, raw…

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