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Shanti Celeste – Being

Operating on a pretty high and consistent level of quality since 2008, 2015 seemed to be a bit of a breakthrough year for Future Times, scoring a mega-hit with Jack J’s somewhat limp-wristed “Thirstin’”, the increased profile of Beautiful Swimmers  / Max D and general support and coverage for the DC crew increasing across the…

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Tagwell Woods – Mecca

Appearing out of nowhere in 2013 with a single 12″ of stirring, reflective acid on WT Records, this unknown producer quickly disappeared again, continuing in that time honoured UK tradition of keeping as low a profile as possible, leaving room for endless big mouth chancers with far less talent to get all the press. It’s thus…

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A reason to be cheerful (?)

This post has been inspired by the RA Dj poll. Not something I expected to be doing when I woke up today but there you go. I apologise now if you are hoping that this will be a rant about how rubbish it is or about how contrived it is, you’ll have to go elsewhere…

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Mix: Who Taught You?

My latest mix is for the relatively new Fallow Media site, an operation based out of Dublin that contains plenty of excellent long form writing and other media that has a focus on the arts in all its various shapes and forms. I’ve delivered for them their first podcast, which comprises solely of music that has been…

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Who do you think you are kidding?

Disruption, abstraction, subversiveness, outsider, challenging preconceptions, fucking things up and just plain old weird. Terms, ideas and narratives that never stop being appealing. And why shouldn’t they be? Music needs to evolve, needs to break boundaries and challenge its listener. Experimentation is the cornerstone of many great musical movements. Techno music as a form is quite…

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The Wall / The Stallion – Mick Wills Edits

Mick Wills is the definitive Djs Dj, forever unearthing lost gems and playing them seamlessly alongside classics and fresh releases (often re-edited by himself) he’s one of the rare breed these days who has managed to build up a regular touring schedule based nearly solely off his djing – most definitely helped by having such…

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Vinalog – Perspectives

Before it became de rigueur for everyone to make their house jams “gritty” and “raw” or whatever those reason pre-sets are that so many use as in their badly mastered, leaden productions the Live Jams / Relative crew were quietly releasing some rough-edged but – importantly – funky 12s beginning around 2009 or so. EMG…

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Guest Mix: Barry Redsetta (Major Problems)

For our readers living in Ireland Barry Redsetta is an instantly recognisable name. Possibly most well known as the long standing resident at the recently closed Twisted Pepper, he has been a mainstay in Irish clubbing for many, many years and is oft and quite rightly regarded as one of the finest djs ever to…

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Pharaohs – Rinse Dream

What with it being a pretty summery day here in Dublin today I’m going back again to an earlier release from the year with the last 12″ from the US group Pharaohs. Trading on the less is more approach over the last few years, their sporadic releases have all been pretty much essential, especially the stunning…

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Mix: Dimension Series w/ Lerosa + Kenny

Dimension Series is a now annual mix series that is put together by Oscar González of the Static Discos crew in Mexico for which myself and Lerosa were asked to contribute a mix. Though we’ve dj’d many times together this was our first time doing so outside of a club, or recording it. We kept it to about…

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Guest Mix: Gavin Guthrie aka TX Connect

Gavin Guthrie, better known as TX Connect appeared on my radar with a split 12″ on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams back in ’13 and since then he has gone on to release more of his roughhewn house music via the Scottish imprint alongside an album on Creme Organization amongst other releases. While his releases so…

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Guest Mix: Dean Feeney (Tr One) & Shane O’Meara (Gary’s Gang)

As much by coincidence as anything one half of our latest guest mix comes from the Dj behind the very first and last (in our old incarnation) mixes we hosted on the site, Dean Feeney. This time around he goes B2B with another former guest, Shane O’Meara who has played regularly in and around Dublin for…

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Mix: Wobbly Leg Syndrome

My latest mix was broadcast on John Heckle’s Universal Frequency show on KMAH a couple of days ago and is up now for streaming / download on Soundcloud. John is up for the first hour with set of lush deep techno and electro and I take over for the second with music from the likes…

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Twisted Pepper closes…

I can’t say I was hugely surprised with the news that Bodytonic’s Twisted Pepper will be closing its doors this week. Even though it is Dublin’s most well known and highly regarded dance club of the last ten years it also felt like its time, in its current incarnation, was up. Clubbing – and Dublin…

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60 Miles – 01

60 Miles is the new project from John Daly and Frawl (who is one half of the Never Learnt label and whose own debut 12″ recently dropped), the first 12″ of which is going to drop in the next couple of weeks.  I wasn’t expecting it to be leaning so much towards the techno side…

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Timothy Blake

Now that we’ve made our acquaintances again its time to get stuck in. Timothy Blake is a Berlin based (where else you may ask) Dubliner who hasn’t let his location get in the way of making some wonderfully loose-limbed funk of the electronic kind. He’s been on the radar of some of us in Ireland…

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